A Man Who Pretends To Take A Kidnapped Woman In His Truck

They are looking for a man who pretends to take a kidnapped woman in his truck. It is a vinyl attached to the rear of the vehicle that represents a woman bound and gagged.

The British police have launched an investigation after several people spotted a van painted with the image of a kidnapped woman in the back, simulating a kidnapping.

According to the Mirror , the police were alerted after the truck was seen at a traffic light in Trowse , in the county of Norfolk, in eastern England.

“A woman reported seeing a blue truck with a vinyl printed on the back of the truck that showed a woman tied up, blindfolded and tied up as if she were kidnapped. Investigations are ongoing,” she said in an official statement Norfolk Police.

The image of the truck generated a wave of outrage when it was shared by graphic designer Sophia Forte in a Facebook group, where she wrote: “This was seen in Norwich. It is not okay to normalize violence against women. Then people wonder why we have so many problems ” .

“I am a graphic designer and from this perspective my job is to educate and inspire and it is visually disgusting to think that someone has designed this and in my opinion it is normalizing violence, abuse, threat and control over women,” said the whistleblower.

“It saddens me that someone who is a designer has abused his power to create something like this. We need to calm people and stand up, not alarm, ” he added.

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